Bub Hub MNL: Fostering individuality and creativity through purposeful play

Bub Hub MNL advocates developmental learning through purposeful play. The mobile playground takes pride in letting children absorb and integrate concepts and other valuable information while giving them an opportunity to reflect, foster individuality and creativity.

CEO, Adelle M. Garcia with husband, Paulo.

It all started when CEO and Founder, Adelle M. Garcia decided to become a preschool teacher. Prior to that, she worked in one of the largest companies in the country as a merchandising associate and human resources practitioner. “I took on corporate jobs but I found my purpose and strength in teaching. Drawing inspiration from my teaching experience, aspiration to supplement learning channels for children and keenness to innovate the rudiments of play, I thought of creating a fun mobile play space parents can rent out and children to surely enjoy,” she recalled.

Adelle along with her partners, Paulo Garcia and Kathrina Dizon, launched Bub Hub MNL last July 2019. It aims to be the top-of-the-mind partner for parents and companies for kiddie play area needs. “We believe that learning should not be limited within four walls of a classroom. Through our services, little ones are given the liberty and opportunity to explore the possibilities of each play area. We assure our clients that the sensory activities and play areas set for each event are planned thoughtfully and implemented accordingly,” she shared.

According to Adelle, most children are really enthused with Lego blocks. “Some suppliers use a makeshift table with removable base plates atop it. With us, our Building Blocks (Lego) Table is custom-made to fit 8-15 children all at the same time. The hole at the center is for the generous amount of blocks children can get to make their own masterpieces. Aside from the table, our team thought of producing a Building Blocks Wall, a perfect fit for smaller event areas,” she pointed out. They also offer a Mural Wall, Pattern Blox, and Trail Walk. But what sets them apart from the rest is the partner teachers assigned in each play area. “We want to ensure that children have someone to interact with to better understand and appreciate the activities they do,” she added.

The future is bright for Bub Hub MNL. “Since our launch, we have been receiving a good number of inquiries and confirmed bookings. What heartens us is the fact that some are asking for fabrication of play areas. We are considering selling them so that children have their own at home. Also, we are in the process of designing new play areas for rental next year,” she shared.

From working in the corporate world to taking that risk in starting her own business, Adelle’s journey proves that it takes a lot of resilience, courage, and grit to go for what you really want. “There are times you will find yourself dazed, uncertain of which career or path you want to embark on. There will be days when you will feel dispirited hearing what other people think or say of your idea. Have faith in yourself and things will fall into place. I suppose in all business stories, the beginning will always be the hardest. But you have to start somewhere first, take it one day at a time. Begin with an end in mind,” she concluded.

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