Redefining the culture of play with Playville.Ph

Disclaimer: This article was published in the Manila Times last March 31, 2019

It all began with a vision to take children’s imagination to places they’ve never been before.

That was what led siblings RC Cordova and Tinella Cordova-Villota to conceptualize Playville.Ph, a pioneering and emerging mobile playground business aimed at providing kids with meaningful interactions through purposeful play.

“When I was a child, there were toys that I wanted but could not afford. I spent most of my time going to the playground and interacting with other children. Because of my experiences, I realized that creating and bringing a playground to a party would let children have access to their aspirational toys,” RC recalled.

Siblings RC Cordova and Tinella Cordova-Villota of Playville PH.

“Growing up we were exposed to playing in the streets and we did not have gadgets back then. The children of today are really different from our generation because they are exposed to the internet. Back then, we did not have gadgets and internet. Children’s parties were held in popular fastfood restaurants. These restaurants had ball pits, slides and the like. I want the children of today to experience that,” added Tinelle, a woman who balances work and motherhood to two toddlers.

Seven months after Playville.Ph began operations in May last year, it was formally launched last November. RC and Tinella are both very careful in selecting toys and inflatables that not only kids would enjoy but would also be critical in their value-formation, cognitive and socialemotional development.

“We offer rental of unique pretend play toys and inflatables that caters to kids ages 1-7 years old. Most of these toys are not locally available or would entail high cost to procure for the parents. Given the range of toys we have, it can satisfy the different preferences of the kids. More so, it will let them try other play scenarios they are not usually exposed to, allowing learning to take place with the new experience,” RC pointed out.

The Playville concept has been an instant hit with both parents and children.

“We actually doubled our bookings since we started. Our presence in social media also grew and in just three months, we garnered more than a thousand followers. We also added new toys in our packages and our weekends are now fully booked,” RC shared.

And as more favorable testimonials have emerged via word of mouth and social media, RC and Tinella have bigger things in mind for Playville.Ph and how it is redefining the culture of play. More innovative toys are going to be introduced in the coming summer months.

“We’re planning to launch our pretend play houses to create a mini-village of professions that will inspire the imagination. We will also add a slew of toys that will inspire socialemotional development as well as physical development,” RC further shared.


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