Calriger: Harnessing the sun’s power to brighten lives

Disclaimer: This article was published in the Manila Times last January 20, 2019 link:

IN 2006, Giancarlo Capco went to the renowned Harvard Business School in the US state of Massachussetts and represented the Philippines in the World Business Plan Competition sponsored by the Harvard Business Club.

There, he won international recognition, and awards, for his solar-ready Sanitary Aqua Vendo Water Vending Machine.

Giancarlo Capco posing with solar panels. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Six years later, Capco returned to the country and set up his own company, Calriger MC Technologies, to bring innovation and technological advancement to Filipino families, communities and businesses. He did so under the research and development arm of the Civil Relations Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The company went into full operations a year later and ventured into using solar technology.

This venture resulted in products that include streetlights, generators and ChargingCore power stations for electronic vehicles, as well as its much-touted SolarRev Generator.

“All our products are assembled in the Philippines. Its parts are also available here, as well,” Capco said.

On the SolarRev Generator, he said it “has helped various soldiers in their off-grid power operation needs. It also helped in giving emergency solar lights to farmers in the mountains, where electricity is a big problem.
It also “reduced electricity consumption [in] many homes and provided emergency power to medical devices in medical missions held in far-flung areas in the Philippines,” he added.

According to him, more Filipinos have become aware of solar technology, which is why their consumers have increased over the years.

“Our users definitely doubled. From residential to commercial consumers then to tactical and industrial developers, these include military bases, tactical security firms, to farming facilities and industries that caters usage of renewable energy powered generators for road constructions and industrial processes,” Capco said.

Because of tremendous res­ponse, Capco is now planning to create more products and continue his advocacy on nation building.

“We actually have so many things in mind. First, we want to help e-bike and e-vehicle users with their charging needs through our SolarRev Generators. Second, we want to create a Calriger renewable energy-powered organic agri-farming village in various farm sites in the Philippines and make these…the source of organic, healthy food for the Filipino people. [And] third, we want to create a school and educate people about solar technology, leadership, innovation, and the like and at the same time utilize our products to conserve energy,” he said.

The SolarRev Generator is just one of the many products created by Filipinos that can compete in the global market.

“There are actually a lot of great inventions and locally made products. Right now, we just really need to support and trust our Filipino technologists and businesses,” Capco said.

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