ARTventures: Splashing Color Into a Child’s Life!

ARTventures takes pride in providing enjoyable art and sensory exploration activities through experimentation of different tools, mediums, and techniques.

It all started back in 2010 when founder, Francesca Del Rosario started her career as a preschool teacher. “I really love kids and I knew that this was the career for me. I began teaching here in the Philippines first and then I moved to Singapore. My journey as a preschool teacher allowed me to immerse myself in different cultures. I look forward to my everyday because it is mostly filled with their silly comments, charming smiles, and comforting hugs. Sometimes, the best way to learn is to teach. They’ve been teaching me the magic of keeping life colorful for 10 years now,” she recalled.

Teacher Cheska

Because of Teacher Cheska’s passion for teaching and love for children, she launched ARTventures in 2018. “I’ve always wanted to do a passion project since I graduated from college. I wanted to arrange an art summer camp for children. However, I never really got to focus on it. I finally took a shot in 2018 and planned everything in a span of two weeks. I spoke to my parents if I could hold the art classes in our house. Luckily, they were supportive. I started to distribute flyers around the village and was only posting online,” she shared. Teacher Cheska was relieved that she able to get four students for her pilot class, “this was the minimum number of students I was targeting to push through with the passion project. Because of word of mouth, I got inquiries even after that summer.”

ARTventures eventually expanded and started to hold private classes in the homes of children. “We wanted to be mobile because convenience is a major factor to our clients. We know that traffic is really bad these days so we decided to hold classes in their homes. We do private art and sensory exploration classes—one-on-one and play groups,” she shared. Because of the tremendous response of her clients, Teacher Cheska decided to join events to cater to a larger scale, “we do art, sensory, and gaming booths for birthdays, company events, and the like.”

If there was one word for her to describe ARTventures, it would be HAPPINESS. “Children are able to create, play and explore new things through art—it’s all fun stuff. What makes us unique is that all services offered are personalized—giving that freedom to our clients to express and collaborate their ideas with us. We also transport everything—making it convenient for our clients to sit back and relax as we set up the venue, whether at home or outside,” she pointed out.

Aside from classes, they plan to offer retail products in the future. “We would like to offer paint bottles, paintbrushes, sensory items, and the like for personal use, gifts, and giveaways,” she added.

Teacher Cheska has indeed come a long way. From starting out with just four children in her pilot class to now doing large events, she has proven that taking a shot is essential to get to where you are. “Be aware of what’s tugging your heart and just start. Remember that big things don’t happen overnight. Surround yourself with supportive people. Have fun with your journey and stay kind,” she concluded.

Instagram: @artventuresph

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