Revolutionizing the road with

Owning a car is a big responsibility because it requires maintenance. It may be challenging for some people to look for help— especially in a city where, surprisingly, eight thousand car shops operate. It’s only a matter of finding the right one to your rescue.

Anton Ojeda, Founder and CEO of came up with a mobile application for today’s motorists. It features the world’s most comprehensive auto service directory listing.  We were a bunch of guys sitting around thinking of what we could do and how we could create opportunities to pitch to potential investors. As fate would have it, the founders and I all had relevant experience that ended up getting us to where we are now,” he recalled.

Founders, Anton Ojeda and Paolo Acosta

Anton’s co-founder, former advertising executive and Chief Operating Officer Paolo Acosta, has an intimate knowledge of the car servicing industry, as his family’s business was a car shop. “I grew up exposed to mechanics, to old cars, grease, paint… I pretty much know how car shops are run,” Paolo shared. This love for cars coupled with a desire to change how things are oprate helped form the company into what it is today. has four handy features that modernize the local car service industry. First, users get a detailed look at establishments and what to expect from their service – a menu of services, features, operating hours, address and Google Map locator, payment methods, and estimated cost per visit. It also includes insurance providers and Land Transportation Office outlets. Second, they have a maintenance valet service wherein car owners can just simply search for their preferred car shop on the website or the app, book an appointment, and have their cars picked up by company drivers which are in charge of taking their cars to the shop and bringing it back safely to them once the service is done. Third, they have a driver on demand feature that offers professionally trained drivers to vehicle owners who want the safety, convenience, and ease of having a personal chauffer for the day, or for a couple of hours.

Driver on Demand feature

Lastly, they offer roadside assistance that is available 24/7 in case of emergencies. “This not only covers batteries and wheels. We are talking about flat beds, conveyance, mechanics on-demand, locksmith or something as simple as getting your tires change—and introducing credit card payments to that,” Anton pointed out. Paolo revealed that in their effort to make their list as robust as it could be, they found out that out of the eight thousand car shops in the Metro, only 10 to 12% offers roadside assistance.

“One of the things we’re trying to do is bringing the office to you, wherever you are, home or work, and bringing a certain quality and reliance to it,” Anton added. As for security measures, drivers are fully equipped with body cameras and are continuously monitored via GPS for constant monitoring.

Mainly a directory listing, links car owners to over 8,000 curated and vetted car shops that can help address all their car needs in the most efficient and time-saving way. “Our vision is to be an innovator in this industry and hopefully, for people to witness and experience how things have greatly improved since we launched this app. In the end, it’s all about empowering both the shops and the owners. The more businesses that use us, the more modern their businesses become. The more advanced their businesses become, the more power consumers get,” Anton concluded.

As for their future plans, intends to expand to new markets by the end of 2019—hopefully bring the same model to Southeast Asia and the world.

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