YARDA: Versatility at its finest

It’s no secret that scarves are one of, if not the most versatile piece in every girl or even boy’s closet. They can be worn around the neck, over the head, wrapped around bags and the list just goes on and on. YARDA is an online shop that specializes in scarves.

It all started a decade ago when founders Janna Ong and Louise Legaspi met in a retreat before stepping into college.  “We met the summer before college while brushing our teeth at one retreat we volunteered to staff for. That’s also when we found out that we were both going to the School of Economics at UP Diliman,” Janna recalled. Since then, the two were inseparable. “We’ve become really good friends, org mates, travel buddies and soul sisters, as we like to refer to each other. We both pursued careers in brand management too! We’ve been so present in each other’s lives ever since and now we’re business sisters,” Louise shared.

Founders, Louise and Janna

In one of their catch up sessions, they realized that there was no online or offline store in the country that focused on scarves only. “They’re usually just a “by the way” or an “add on” that girls (and guys) remember to buy when they’re at the store despite always seeming to need one for an OOTD abroad or simply to keep warm during a night out, without the hassle of carrying a bulky jacket. We tend to just buy scarves from the likes of Zara, H&M, Mango but their designs are limited and seasonal,” Louise added.

After a month of brainstorming, YARDA was finally launched on November 2018. As brand managers, the pair was always used to tight timelines. “We targeted to launch in time for the holiday season. Let’s just say we were in beta mode when we launched,” they shared.

YARDA offers scarves in unique prints, in different sizes from small to long perfect for any weather, place and occasion. “We want to be the go-to scarf shop of every type of woman (or man),” Janna pointed out. Currently, they hand pick the designs in every collection however, they want to make their own as well. “We want to make our own prints, explore other materials, collaborate with other artists and even use upcycled fabric to truly make every yard matter,” Louise shared.

Aside from their online presence, Janna and Louie have been joining bazaars and have partnered with some local retailers. This way, people can find YARDA in more places online and offline. As for their future plans, they believe that there is always room for expansion. “We definitely plan to update our designs, work on collaborations with artists, explore other materials and maybe even have scarf accessories,” they concluded.

IG: shop.yarda

Facebook: Shop Yarda

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