A novel, meaty concept

Disclaimer: This article was published in the Manila Times last December 9 2018 link:

In recent years, the Makati Poblacion area has been gaining attention because of its shops, art exhibits, dining options and the like. Because of its popularity, more and more entrepreneurs are putting up their businesses in this location.

Concepto, a hybrid between a restaurant and a meat shop, has recently been added to the list of go-to establishments. The owners, Migz Del Gallego, Mikey Presa, Anna Villanueva, Con Mendoza and Thina Mendoza, decided to create this novel dining experience because of their love for food and drinks.

Concepto restaurant and meat shop

“This place is perfect for those who want to eat steak but don’t want to head out for fine dining. People don’t really have to dress up. They can leave the formalities behind because they can have their choice cuts together with beers or cocktails and slick beats,” Migz said. The Concepto experience was inspired by the success of similar previous involving approachable cuisine that’s particularly big with meat lovers.

What makes Concepto unique is that customers can choose their meats from a range that includes prime cuts such as USDA rib eye, porterhouse, sirloin, tenderloin, T-bone all the way to 48 hours marinated porkchops, pork belly and smoked maple bacon, and then have it cooked to their preferred doneness at only P100 cooking charge; with choices of sauces and sides. The other menu items, according to Migz, are throwbacks to their road trips, with dishes that they cooked along the way. The best sellers include Mikey’s Chili (8-hour simmered ground beef topped with sour cream, cheese and cilantro, with fried tortilla on the side), roast beef adobo (roasted garlic with adobo jus, served with fried potato or rice), and their spicy binagoongan (sautéed with three kinds of chili with green mango salad and crispy wanton chips). “We also can customize menus for parties,” Migz added.

Apart from the food, Concepto is also an avenue for artists to perform. “Some artists who have performed include Thyro and Yumi, Kiko Salazar, Miro Valera (of Stonefree), Kat Agarrado (of Sinosikat?), Hans Dimayuga, Jem Cubil, Ramonne and Inky de Dio. In addition to this, we also have open mic nights and DJs such as JJ Saur, Marxx Monterola, Supmerman, Daxx, Zelle Abella and San Francisco DJ, Steelo who spin regularly. We also host quiz nights every Tuesday. Winners get a free bottle of tequila and bragging rights of course,” Migz concluded.

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