Recipe for success

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With more variants than any other restaurant in its category, Trufa takes pride in being the first pasta bar in the Philippines with its own signature line of innovative, premium, pasta dishes that include sauces and toppings inspired by Filipino dishes.

Before putting up Trufa, CEO Tricia Espino was in a different industry, “I worked in a creative service agency. I studied Interdisciplinary Studies in college, and in Barcelona, I took up Business Entrepreneurship Major in Service Design. I know my background isn’t exactly related, but I’m the type who believes that you can achieve what you want with grit and passion,” she shared.

It was during her stay in Barcelona where she found inspiration. “To me, the city was so exciting, so vibrant, so beautiful, that I just wanted to bring this experience to my country,” she recalled. What started out as a school project quickly turned into a passion project. “I’ve always had a fondness for pasta, thus the idea of a pasta bar came to mind. Putting up my own restaurant has been a longtime dream for me.”

Tricia described Trufa Pasta Bar, which opened in 2016 at Esteban Street in Legaspi Village, Makati, as “a fusion of cultures.” “Our pasta recipes are from Italy while some of them are from and inspired by Spain. However, we use local ingredients to maintain freshness for every plate served,” she pointed out. What makes Trufa’s pasta fare even more special is the dining experience.

“We actually have a Make-Your-Own menu wherein customers can concoct their own pasta dishes. It’s up to them what type of sauce, noodles, and toppings they want for a reasonable price.”

Now celebrating their second anniversary this year, Trufa has already expanded and opened its second branch in Salcedo Village Makati. “From a dream team of eight, we’ve expanded to a team of 19, including our admin, accountant, and in store personnel,” Tricia shared.

Trufa CEO Tricia Espino

In celebration of their second year and second branch opening, they are going to launch new menu items—in addition to the favorite pasta dishes. “There are many more things we are planning and coming up with this year, so diners can really look forward to that. Our mission remains the same—give our customers affordable, value-for-money meals,” she said. In addition to this, Trufa’s expansion strategy is to further penetrate the existing markets by opening an additional store (or stores) in Metro Manila within an 18-month window. “Our goal is to be present in the different villages around Metro Manila,” Tricia stated.

Without any experience in the food industry, Tricia’s perseverance and grit has brought her to where she is today. “I think that in any business, even when you’re not the best, the smartest, or the most talented one in the industry, when you work hard, you’ll be able to get where you want to be,” she concluded.

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