More than just a sports rehab center

Disclaimer: This article was published last June 24, 2018

Kineticore finds a success equation with a dynamic combo

Finally a facility that specializes in sports science and sports performance, Kineticore Philippines intends to help not only those who are recovering from injury but people who would like to excel in their respective sports.

Back in 2001, Founder Kale Alvarez was playing football for the University of the Philippines and representing the country in international competition, “Then I got injured a few times but sadly there weren’t any real facilities wherein athletes like me can train and do sports rehab.”

Kineticore’s second branch in P. Guevarra St. in San Juan

The sports science graduate saw the importance of rehabilitation thus he was inspired to create programs for teams and people. Before putting up the facility, he first freelanced, “2003 was when I decided to do this line.
Again, being an athlete myself inspired me to do it for others as well. I would visit clients in their homes and go to different schools to visit teams that needed help.”

He worked with other facilities before putting up his own. “I wanted to be the pioneer in the field. I am not the first but it is safe to say that I am one of the first ones to actually incorporate sports science and sports medicine together,” he shared.

In 2015, he along with his other founders, Mariel Alvarez, Aspi Calagopi, and Jay Inting decided to put up their first ever branch in St. Ignatius-Katipunan, “we finally put up our gym and clinic in 2015 and the rest was history.”

More than just a rehabilitation center

The marriage of sports medicine and sports performance is what sets Kineticore Philiipines apart from the rest. According to Kale, “we take care of our athletes by keeping them healthy and getting them to perform better in their sports. In terms of injuries, we make programs to strengthen them so that we can get them back into playing. It doesn’t stop there because we also have sports psychology and sports nutrition.”

He also emphasized that there is a process involved in terms of strengthening and or getting back from injury, “the reason why we partnered both sports medicine and performance is because it’s like having a house or a building made. You need an engineer and an architect. An architect can know an engineer’s job but again that person doesn’t necessarily specialize in it and vice versa. And that’s pretty much how we work together.”

The future is bright for Kineticore Philippines

In 2017, Kineticore launched its second branch in P. Guevarra in San Juan. They started with only two coaches back then but because of the demand for their services, they added around ten more to cater to more clients. “We are a small facility and we can’t be compared to other big gyms because again, we don’t have the same market,” Kale added.

They do plan to expand but in key areas only, “we are not the kind of business like your big gyms that rely on the number of members. Again, we want to keep it small because of what we specialize in. Yes it can be challenging to look for people or athletes to train because of what we offer but fortunately more and more people realize the importance of the services that we do,” Kale concluded.

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