Colour them successful

Disclaimer: This article was published last September 16, 2018 link:

Since opening in 2015, Colourette now has over 1.1 million followers on Facebook and another 136,000 on Instagram

Colourette is a Filipino-owned cosmetics company that takes pride in valuing their advocacies of diversity and empowering Filipinos through their products.

It all started three years ago when Colourette CEO Nina Ellaine Dizon was still in college, “I was already a micro-entrepreneur back in College—I created graphics and logos for online sellers and after that I ventured into selling ukay-ukay stuff. Before Colourette, my main business was Fairness & Flawless, an online skin care brand which I also developed from scratch,” she recalled. Nina took three courses in college which she failed to finish, “I took three courses namely BS Nursing, BS Accountancy and BSBA in Marketing. I dropped out because I really wanted to focus on my business. I was really determined to put up my own makeup brand,” she shared.

Colourette was founded by Nina herself in 2015. “I was fueled with determination to come up with a makeup line that’s made for Filipinos—taking into consideration weather, lifestyle, and even budget. 95 percent of our products are formulated here and it’s our mission to provide innovative cosmetics for everyone in the Philippines.

We’re a company that’s made locally, by Filipinas for Filipinos,” she pointed out. A year later, they finally opened their first retail store.

Colourette partners CEO Nina Ellaine Dizon, Marketing Manager Cara de Jesus, Creative Director Ina Jacobe and Community Manager Michelle Miranda

Colourette offers classic makeup products such as lipstick, eyeshadow palettes, face powder, brow pencils and the like. However, they recently created multi-purpose products that can be used for the eyes, lips, and cheeks—all suited for the Filipino skin.

Due to the warm reception of Filipina customers, the business has grown a lot since it was launched three years ago. “Now we have over 1.1 million followers on Facebook and another 136,000 on Instagram. So far we have eight branches nationwide and we’re geared to open five more within the year. We’re also growing our presence in top grossing malls through leading department stores,” Nina said.

As for the company’s future, Marketing Manager Cara De Jesus shared their expansion plans.

“Right now, we’re increasing our product line up and really stream lining our production so that we can make sure there’s steady stock of really premium and top caliber makeup. We’re also expanding exponentially in terms of physical presence, so watch out for that,”

Nina’s story showed that it is essential to have determination and perseverance when wanting to achieve something. Because of the success of her makeup empire, she has proven that anyone can achieve their dreams even amid unfavorable circumstances.


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