A clean success

Disclaimer: This article was published in the Manila times last July 15, 2018. Link:

Considered as one of the most trusted cleaning services in Metro Manila, Busy Bee Cleaning Co. ensures its clients a cleaner and healthier home through extensive cleaning methods and practices.

The road to success, however, was not always smooth sailing.

Back in 2013, founder, Kayne Litonjua was still a student in De La Salle University Manila taking up Applied Corporate Management. During his college days, he came up with the idea of starting a cleaning business, “it was just a sideline built from insight of people not having the time to clean their condo units. The first company I started with a close friend of mine was called “The Cleaning Lady” which was a total hit in Taft. We only had two cleaners back then and we were always fully booked. I remember we even did door-to-door and condo-to-condo permits. We only took online bookings and social media to keep the business afloat,” he recalled.

Busy Bee Cleaning Co.’s Kayne and Kyle Litonjua

Kayne joined the corporate world after finishing his college degree. Due to the heavy workload and pressure, he and his partner were not able to sustain the business because of the operational demands.

It was in 2016 when his older brother, Kyle approached him about reviving the business, “he asked me if I wanted to revive the business with a more promising business model to lock in better service while maintaining healthy margins. Basically a business with a sustainable operational flow that can run on its own,” he recalled. Later that year, the Litonjua brothers launched Busy Bee Cleaning. “The name comes from the idea that colonies of bees are the most efficient and cooperative while working in harmony,” he added.

All about Convenience
“We wanted to provide an affordable solution to people who do not have the luxury of time to clean their homes, offices, and the like. We specialize in deep cleaning which already includes professional vacuuming of floors, extensive cleaning of areas, sheet and mattress cleaning, bathroom sanitation, air purification, and aromatizing,” Kyle elaborated. Clients can book through their Facebook page or by simply giving them a call. Currently, they cater to clients within Metro Manila, Parañaque, Rizal, Antipolo, and Bulacan.

Rapid Growth
Due to the tremendous response of their clients, Busy Bee Cleaning Co. has garnered a 4.7 rating in their Facebook page, “what sets us apart would be our competitive pricing, end-to-end service, highly advanced machines, and quality service tested and proven by the market. Our cleaners are thoroughly screened as well. Our clients don’t have to worry about leaving their homes,” Kayne pointed out.

They have grown remarkably this year, “we are currently at triple-digit growth versus last year’s low base. We are growing double-digit month-on-month this year increasing our base of loyal consumers. In terms of number of customers, we’ve already served around 600+ happy clients,” Kayne added.

Bright Future
The Litonjua brothers have projected a three-year plan to grow their business at its full potential.

A Busy Bee cleaning lady

“For now, we just plan to sustain our momentum first while expanding our offerings and solutions in the field of cleaning,” Kyle shared. But because of their success, several people approached them for franchise, “we are parking this idea first until we have perfected the business model. We are focused on expanding our business internally first to prepare for bigger, stronger growth. At this moment, our core focus is to ensure we perfect our service with the thought in mind of offering our clients a “cleaner, healthier home” to live in,” Kayne concluded.

What started out as a sideline back in college, has flourished into something even better. The Litonjua brothers have proven that a simple idea can turn into something big as long as one puts his heart and mind into it.

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