Uniform success

Now on its 4th year, Steeze Design Studios produces an average of 4,000 uniforms a month

Soon to be a household name in the garments manufacturing world, Steeze Design Studios is committed to producing high quality customized uniforms to suit their client’s needs.

Steeze Design Studios CEO Kaira Dimatulac and her staff

It all started back in 2012, when CEO, Kaira Dimatulac was still taking up Clothing Technology at the University of the Philippines Diliman. “The business started when I was still in college. My partner and I wanted to sell red shorts for Christmas. We made a brand and looked for people who could produce the shorts for us,” she recalled.

On her senior year, she took her internship in a production house wherein she was able to learn about the business processes and operations, “I thought about continuing the business even after college. I was always passionate about fashion therefore I realized that I wanted to do this for a living.”

In 2014, Kaira launched Steeze Design Studios along with her partner Miko Raval. “We rented a 40 square meter apartment and bought three sewing machines at first. After six months, uniform orders started piling up and we eventually had to move to a bigger space,” she shared.

Quality and quantity

Steeze Design Studios focused on corporate clients at the start. “We mainly targeted companies especially those that needed a large volume of uniforms. Even if our clients ask us to produce big quantities, we ensure them that the quality won’t suffer,” Kaira pointed out.

Due to the influx of orders, they had to purchase more machines and move to an even bigger place. “On our third year which was in July 2017, we had to move to a 360 square meter warehouse to accommodate more orders.

We are very blessed and grateful because most of our clients from the beginning continue to patronize our services until today,” she shared.

The future is bright for Steeze Design Studios

“We started out with six employees and three machines but as of this year, we already grew to 40 employees. Our clients keep growing as well. The average uniforms we produce per month is about 4,000,” she said.

Due to the success of their uniform production, they started offering other services early this year. “We now cater to international brands, local brands and we do sportswear already. We bought different kinds of printing machines (sublimation and vinyl) so that we can make more innovative designs for our clients. Aside from that, we also started offering corporate giveaways. We are always thinking of ways to surpass our previous offerings,” Kaira emphasized.

This July marks their fourth year anniversary – a milestone for Kaira. “We’ve come a long way and we are still learning. Our goals also keep getting bigger but that’s the beauty of our start-up – we continue to innovate. We want every Filipino to have a piece of our work – basically have them wear the best quality of clothing,” she concluded.

The production house intern back then who only thought of selling red shorts has indeed come a long way. Kaira has proven that passion, persistence and determination are essential in building an empire.

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