The business of masterminding events

Disclaimer: This article was published in the Manila Times on May 6, 2018

The business of masterminding events

Pabys Creates Events takes pride in thinking outside the box when it comes to organizing affairs

Janna Pablo or Pabys as she is fondly referred to was exposed to events ever since she was a child. “When I was a kid I really loved doing events already. I would perform, people would ask me to help them with logistics, and I was always known in the family for doing something new or creative.” She always liked to personalize everything—from greeting cards, homework, to whatever she gets her hands into.

Toni Gonzaga and Gary Valenciano at the birthday party of Toni’s Son, Seve that Pabys organized

If Janna looks familiar, it was because she was part of ABS-CBN’s now defunct show, “Let’s Go!”. She eventually gave up show business, however to pursue her Behavioral Science studies at the University of Santo Tomas.

“During that time, I was thinking of becoming a teacher because I had dyslexia when I was a child. I wanted to teach those with special needs because I myself was like that. I ended up teaching in an exclusive boy’s school and taught math even if I didn’t like it at all. That was a real challenge.”

Aside from teaching math, Pabys was given the opportunity to handle school programs and events, “even if math was my subject, I was always tagged to do events. I would do the program and start all these out-of-the-box ideas. Just about everything I’m involved with was always a production, even in my classes. Like for example, if the topic is fractions, I use paper and other materials to make the class more fun and interesting.”

She eventually quit her job as a teacher for a corporate job. “I tried corporate after teaching just to tick it off from by bucket list. I was an asset officer for Mcdonald’s under their business development group. I was also tapped to do events but after a year quit her job when she realized that corporate was not for her.

In 2014, she went back to working for a school but this time as an activities coordinator, “I had to think of events for the kids like sportsfests, plays, and everything outside the classroom. That was an advantage for my end because I have that teacher instinct.” When the management of the school changed, she decided to finally pursue what she loved.

From passion to business

Janna ‘Pabys’ Pablo, proprietor of Pabys Creates Events

In April 2017, Pabys Creates Events was launched. “It was really my passion so most of the projects I did when I started out were pro bono. I did it because I really enjoyed it. I liked helping people and making them happy. I know it may sound cheesy but it was all for love. ” Her first major event was a wakeboard competition in Pradera. She got good feedback and more people started to notice.

“Before, I used to do events in school and only kids would appreciate it. But now I am doing it for influencers too. I am grateful for that because people are seeing what I am capable of. Also because they appreciate what I am doing for them.”

Janna ended up doing the first birthday party of Seve, Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano’s son. She admitted that it was her break in the market, “Toni trusted me to do everything from start to end. Paul challenged my brain cells because he wanted a golf theme in a theater. I had to manage their expectations. Fortunately, I was able to pull it off.”

Through that event, she was able to gain people’s trust. More influencers discovered her capabilities and eventually booked her services. She organized the first birthday party of Archie Bunand, son of Georgina Wilson.

“I got a call from Georgina a week before her son’s first birthday. I remember being in Hong Kong for a vacation and I was busy calling all the suppliers, sponsors. I only had a week to do everything. It was very challenging but everything went well.”

From then on, it was one success after another. Her most recent event was the famous baby shower of Isabelle Daza. “It was all over social media because of its unique theme. I mean, who does a sportsfest for a baby shower right? Initially there were only supposed to be 50 pax but it stretched to 200. The event trended all over social media and I was really happy with the feedback.”

When Janna’s journey began, she was all alone but now she has a team to help her out with everything. What started out as a passion project eventually became a business built on trust and malasakit. “I look at events as a blank canvas. I’m the painter. The colors are what my clients want or their non-negotiables. But I am the one who chooses and paints it to make it a whole photo. I tag myself as an event mastermind,” she concluded.

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